Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Asthma Ride Aug 28/2011

What a beautiful day for our Asthma Ride. Something we have not seen for awhile. Despite the lack of media coverage and early preparation we did very well. I believe through the sponsorship of Trans Canada Pipelines we managed to raise over $20,000.00 for Asthma research and equipment for the University of Calgary. Despite all efforts young peoples lives are still cut short by this affliction and through ours and many others efforts it can be prevented. Thank you to all who participated. It was as usual a great ride and a worthwhile event. Photos to follow.#1 This is a photo of the Asthma Team. #2 Vilma and Jen and grandson Elijah.#3 Mike Quesnel from Transcanada Pipelines.#4 Ready to go.#5 Yours truly at Longview.#6 Some of the bikes at Longview.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Last day of this Adventure Aug 26/2011

Today I was up bright and early to go to visit Betty and get my STUFF Art had finished the backrest on my blue machine and my Western Montana BMW shirt and pin had been picked up by Betty. We had a great visit and I went back to the motel and got Jordeane and we went up to Lolo to meet the rest of the gang for breakfast at the Hayloft. Then back to the motel to pack and headed over to Big Sky BMW to say hello...then we were off like dirty shirts..Me heading home to Calgary and Jordeane to Tech days in Helena.

I arrived home at 10:30 PM. Don't like traveling at night and it had been a long day. I had word that Jordeane arrived safe and sound in Helena and so ends this particular adventure. Last night I enjoyed the finale of the Globalfest fireworks competition and today, Sunday, is the Asthma ride and on Thursday I am beginning a new adventure.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Thursday Aug 25/2011

This morning we packed up and headed for Missoula, Montana. But no taking the short way for us. We headed for Kamiah and then over Lolo Pass. So I have now seen the rally site for the UMCI International next year and what a beautiful central spot it is. I wish I had a photo but the top of the hill looking over Lewiston Idaho is an awesome site. I had never ridden these rodes before so it was delightful. The only drawback was the heat. It was near 100 degrees and as we descended it was like dropping into a blast furnace. Once we got into the shade and started over Lolo pass it was much better. We arrived in Missoula rather late and stayed at the Brooks Street Motor Inn and walked over to the Manchurian Wok for dinner.

When we reached the bottom of the pass and stopped at the first place for gas. I was filling up and Paul from Colorado and no place in particular walked by and said I know you. He travels with Rex from Lethbridge and Bob from Billings and was with them at the Lunatic Fringe rally in June. Small world

Weds Aug 24/2011

The next day Jordeane and I traveled around part of Lake Couer de Lane. We went to the town of Harrison for lunch and saw so many lakes it was too hard to keep track. At Harrison we had lunch at One Shot Charlie's overlooking the lake. Saw a sign today: If it weren't for your plumber you'd have no place to go.

However we had to hurry back as Jordeane had volunteered for duty at the North Idaho fair. So I tagged along and managed to boost the Idaho economy somewhat. I really enjoyed the displays of animals and livestock and fruits and vegetables and  quilts and handicrafts. Everything a fair should be. We ended up enjoying ourselves and so did not get back to cruisers. Ah well...leaves something for next time.

At the fair I saw the largest kohl rabi I have ever seen. And as you can see we managed to find a couple of cowboys with very short legs playing it to the max. What fun. I also had baby kitten to share my room with. I did not however manage to get a photo of Jordeane's dog Lucky. We had extremely busy and funfilled days.

Another day of the journey Aug 23/2011

I got on the road at a reasonable hour today with the thought of breakfast going through my mind. I never did stop as I realized where I was I headed over to Rathdrum Idaho to visit with Billie and Dave again. These are the people I met on the way to John Day earlier this year. After a wonderful visit I headed out again to Couer de Lane and found Jordeane's home with no trouble. What a delight. She insisted I stay for 2 days.

In the afternoon we headed over to the Helmet Outlet and I purchased a new helmet. and a few other things including a Plexus spray for windshields. It is pricey but works so well on bugs it is worth every penny. Then Jordeane took me over to Hauser Lake and we drove around it and headed to the Thirsty Moose for a drink. After which thinking of my stomach as usual I suggested we go to Cheap Shots in Spokane for supper. Dave and Shannon have really fixed the place up since the last time I was there. The motorcycles park around back on the patio and the hamburgers were huge and delicious. After dinner we went to another biker bar in Spokane where you drive right into the bar. Cruisers. They however were just closing for the evening so we headed home. A good nights sleep was in the works.

Continuing the journey Aug 20/2011

Reluctantaly I had to pack up and leave everyone at Nakusp. Turk would not let me follow him nor would Bob..something about riding alone and not knowing where they were going..So for once in my life I did not know where I was going also..I just knew it was not home. I knew I wanted to take the Needles Ferry at Fauquier, BC because I had never been that way before and if you will recall in my last Blog this was to be a journey of connection with old friends. At the ferry I was in line with Rob and Colleen from Lethbridge and my first photo is Rob with his new Spyder. From the ferry we stopped for lunch with a lot of other bikers in a resort this side of Lumby. I carried on to Kelowna and when I got to Oliver was going to check into a hotel but was able to call Barb Pomeroy and spent a lovely evening with her. I even had a man who would sleep with me there....Zak her very large tabby cat took a shine to my moose quilt. We had a lovely visit. Thank you Barb for your hospitality.

BMW Rally, Nakusp,B.C. Aug 18-21/2011

Home again for the moment. This rally for me is always one of the best. The sense of community, closeness and sharing ar ultimate. The adventure started Wednesday afternoon when I met Tom and we started out. Stopping at his lovely home in Canmore overnight. Early Thursday heading to Nakusp via Trans Canada and south at Revelstoke. A different way to go for me as I have not been this route for many years.

This was to be a journey of meeting friends the whole trip. But I digress. At the ferry 2 BMW's pulled up behind us and there were my friends Lisa and Marshall. On to Nakusp where more good friends are already gathered and set up. I got my tent pitched and soon it was time for dinner. One of the 3 beautifully catered dinners by Deb and her crew. 
The weather was absolutely delightful throughout the whole event. Friday the bikes and sidecars went to the home to visit with the seniors and I took the young man with MS that I took last year and he really seemed to enjoy it. I gave him my rally pin for his hat. I also took a young man Simon who has just started working there for a ride. Then I drove Bob Vietske up to a nearby parking lot. Got off...Climbed in the sidecar..And let him drive..Of course he picked it up right away and we drove back to the campground.  Saturday I rode up to the hot pool. Here again I was delighted to find many, many friends who had made that same decision.
Vonnie Glaves who must have her million miles on BMW's now, David Hough, Doug and Marlene Nault,

Jordeane, Robin, and Bob Vietske and many many more. Campfires each night with a group of good friends are also a highlight.  Sat afternoon were also the field events. I am not as keen on these as many risk life, and limb and motorcycle to entertain the rest of us for a $25.00 prize but many enjoy showing off thir skills and are very good. Sunday is time for farewells, packing up and leaving. For me a tough time as I so enjoy this place that it is hard to say goodbye. This time I had no idea where I was going. Just knew it was not directly home..so with some tears and misgivings I finally packed my tent and headed out to begin a new and very exciting adventure. And no BMW rally would be complete without our infamous Phil Funnell. World traveller extraordinaire.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

UMCI Alberta Rally Standard, Alberta

What a wonderful rally, Thanks to all who came..Thanks to all who helped..Thanks for the wonderful weather..Thanks for the great places to travel and see. I arrived on Friday afternoon and Karl and Dodie,
Howard and Karen, Dick Summers were already there set up in their motorhomes. Every campsite had a tree for shade. Absolutely beautiful place. The only thing was that for those who don't cook..the only place in town..The Standard Hotel did not open til 11:00AM. So I sweet talked the owner into coming in and serving breakfast at 9:00 on Saturday. 18 of us enjoyed a great breakfast.
Friday after I got set up people started arriving. 26 in the campground and 30 with those who visited the next day and stayed for dinner. After breakfast on Saturday Peter and Nellie Benders from Edson, and their guests from The Nederlands (Toos and Gheera) went to the Tyrell Museum. Several of the others went to the Indian Museum Blackfoot Crossing. What a beautiful exhibit of artifacts and history of the Siksika Nation
We met Dan and Stephanie Magee and Ken Forbes at the museum. They had just come from Medicine Hat
 We kind of split up a bit here some going back to the campground and Don from Prince George and Hanz from Castlegar going elsewhere to visit. Back at the campground Karl and Dodie and Howard and Karen got our orders and headed into Strathmore for Chinese Food and we ate it at picnic tables at the campground. We ordered for 30 but I think we got enough for 50 but better too much than not enough and a lot of us are having lunch today. John Wetherell was of course the oldest male to ride his motorcycle to the rally. At 84 he is still racking up the miles. Ann Odell from Lethbridge drove her van as she had been in Kamloops visiting and came directly from there. There were no other older females there riding their motorcycles (HA HA) So no takers for that offer.
At this point I would like to send a special thanks to Stephanie Magee for the special quilt she made me.
The one side was a pattern I had admired in Helena on the May long weekend and the other is a beautiful warm flannel material  with moose on it. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you.
With campfires each evening and wonderful food, friendship, and fun..This was the epitomy of a great rally.
No sex, drugs or rock and roll. Just an absolutely delightful time. New joke: Guy and his wife are at home watching television and as usual the guy has the remote and is flicking from a fishing show to a porn channel.
Finally his wife is getting very annoyed and
says. Oh for heaven sakes Leave it on the porn channel You already know how to fish!!