Sunday, 21 December 2014

South for a Month

Well after several months of cold and snow and mundane things like scouting, church and I even got in 4 days of working in Lethbridge doing inventory for Fleet Brake. I am finally south and on the bike again. When I got back from California in September I did manage to ride a little. Put the new bike away with 25,426 km on it. Almost worn out. The last ride it was cool in the AM. Frost on the bike to be sure. And I could not get any guys to come over and warm up the seat. No they give me a bad time about the icicles on my hoohaw.
Karl Nordin, Doug Campbell and I went out to Bragg Creek, Turner Valley, Black Diamond and Longview. Took the old coal road to High River and saw a purple outhouse in a field, a black bear up a tree right by the road and an eagle soaring in the valley. After getting back I rode up to Airdrie and then reluctantly put the bike away. The next day this was the scene from my front window.
On Dec 14 I flew to Palm Springs and was greeted at the airport by Karen Maki.
This was the sight that greeted me. Warm temperatures, blue skies and gorgeous flowers.
The following day Karen and I drove around and did some shopping but that evening I got the bike running and out ready to go to Riverside the next day. While the BMW shop was doing my front fork seals and oil change and chain lube My friend Lisa Lattke picked me up and took me to her home in Ontario California and we picked up Bert and went to Famous Dave's BBQ for lunch. We went back to their home after and visited for awhile before going to pick up the bike. I hit a little rain on the way home particularily through Banning. The next day Ken was home and He had to do some deliveries and pickups so we went to Temecula and several places I have never been. We stopped at one place just outside Riverside and the lady there had a neat shop selling horse feed and other STUFF.
We passed this mammouth just east of  Riverside and then we went to a city by the name of Norco. It is known as Horsetown USA and instead of sidewalks they have bridle paths. Pretty cool.
The next day I rode up Hwy 74 just to the Indian reservation and then turned around and stopped at the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto National Monument. What an interesting history. I got another stamp in my passport of National Parks book. Friday morning I packed up and headed for Mesa Arizona and Merrill and Joyce's. It was a great ride with very little wind. We went to the Mesa market the following day and that night they took me to Organstop Pizza. What a fascinating place. They have room for 200 people and this amazing organ that takes up one whole wall. I still cannot fathom how someone came up with the idea of having a pizza place and putting this organ for entertainment in it. It is very popular and lines go out the door. Did not take my camera though. No pictures. So that catches me up somewhat. I head home to Palm Springs tomorrow and Jan 2 - 4 is the campout I am registered for in Agua Caliente.