Friday, 17 July 2015

On through Flaming Gorge to Cody

As I left these beautiful red rocks I traveled through Capitol Reef National Park and then north through this totally different scenery. I stopped overnight in a the town of Vernal Utah.
All these little towns try so hard to look fresh and beautiful. These planters were so lovely. The next morning I was traveling through the Flaming Gorge. I had heard there was a forest fire but the next morning they had pretty much gotten it under control. I saw a moose as I entered the park by the side of the road and then traveled through the fire area to the dam.
I stopped in at the dam to get a stamp because it is a National Park and wow bonus I got 3 and then found out they have a free dam tour in 10 min. Absolutely fabulous. I had no idea this place was so big.
Looking down at the Green River
Once at the bottom there are candy dispensers dispensing fish food and you can feed the fish that hang out at the base of the dam. If you spill any don't worry Penelope the marmot and her 7 babies are their maintenance crew and she does a great job.
Great recreation area on the Green River.
The road goes across the dam and continues up out of the gorge. From there the country flattens out and I headed for Cody. Just a few more pictures of the country side and then to Cody. I need to go on the road soon so will do Cody next.
This is Antelope Flats and off in the distance is why they call this the Flaming Gorge. Better seen from the other side.
Thank God I have a motorcycle. I cannot image walking across these vast distances.
Til next time.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Burr Trail, Utah

 In a continuing effort to try and catch up......
Saturday morning I was heading to Torrey when I saw this sign at Cannonville on Highway 12. Because I purchased a National Parks passport book I stopped in. I had seen a couple of pictures of slot canyons. Beautiful and asked where to behold them. It seems 2 of them are in the Kodachrome Basin but it costs money to take the loop. Part is gravel and partly they require a goodly hike. The lovely ranger told me about a slot canyon just off the road on the Burr Trail which is free. WOW.
No tourists, just this exquisite road with red rocks coming down. Amazing.
This is just outside the slot canyon.
This is just outside the visitor centre in Cannonville. Burr Trail is further down Highway 12. At Boulder you turn right instead of left and there you are. The slot canyon is 11 miles in. The trail is paved about 30 miles but then changes to gravel so at that point I turned around and came back.
Canyon from the outside.
Walking down to the canyon one finds this fallen tree. There was a lizard sunning itself but I missed it.
One of my favorite photos of the slot.
Looking up in the slot
Some of the surrounding area as I proceeded east.
Note the colorations.
I thought these reminded me of the Hanging gardens of Babylon.
The further east I went the rocks changed from Red to Yellow with striations everywhere like one took a ruler and a black marker to them. I returned to Panquitch and the rally to enjoy a wonderful BBQ beef  dinner and prizes and awards. The next day I packed up, said goodbye to Fred, and John the only 2 people I knew there and headed home. I went a different route going north and east to Torrey thus eliminating Route 12 which is twisty and beautiful but much slower. My next episode will be the Flaming Gorge dam and Cody, Wyoming and the Buffalo Bill Cody musem. Absolutely outstanding.

Missoula to Bryce Canyon

Well I am up early and heading for Hyder Alaska so will take this opportunity to try to catch up a little. Just having too much fun and getting behind. Leaving Missoula I stopped at a great little café in Drummond Montana for breakfast. I always wanted to get a picture of these horns and finally did.
On to Lava Hot Springs for the night. I pitched my tent at the KOA there and took a little walk. Did not go in the springs. They are pricey but very nice.
The Portneuf River runs beside this campground with a little waterfall near the campground.
This is a very pretty area and the next morning I headed east and then south> I had never been that route before.
Hedge of yellow roses and we are not even in Texas.
I passed this beautiful Mormon temple in Manti, Idaho. Then it was on to Panquitch Utah and the ever beautiful Bryce Canyon. I went to the top and stopped at all the pullouts on the way down. Will only post a few of the gorgeous places as they are all so amazing. As the video states,"Hell of a place to lose a cow."
The Natural Bridge was very cool
This raven was posing for tourists so they could take his picture.
Note the window way out there. Well I could post pictures of Bryce all day but must be on my way so will end for now and continue with my trip on the Burr Trail.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Kamiah to Missoula

When I got home from Mariposa I had scouting camps the following 2 weekends. Cuborama and then Unity camp.
Here are Sir Lucas and his captured dragon and a few of the youth.
Then On June 10 Ann Odell and Gerry came and stayed with me and the next morning, they and myself and Karl Nordin and John Colebank headed for Missoula Montana to stay with Art and Betty. We had a great meal at the Manchurian Wok . The next morning we all headed out to the Idaho State UMCI Rally at the KOA Lewis and Clark Resort in Kamiah Idaho.
Stopped at duty free in Rooseville and then we were on our way
Idaho as always put on a great rally. Ice cream social on Friday night and great rides around the area
Lots of motorcycle tent trailers in this bunch.
I pitched my tent with my friends Tonni and Steve Culley. Getting here it was kind of fun as we had told everyone to watch their speed once we hit the Idaho border and then we all managed to get behind Art and the toy hauler but caught up to him while he was entertaining the state trooper as we drove by. Fortunately he did not get a ticket as he explained the guy he was passing speeded up as he went by. I drove up to Elk City on Saturday by myself as I had never been there. I went to the saloon and said because neither of the Pratt boys were at Kamiah I found Alveril Pratt. Once drafted as a linebacker for the Calgary Stampeders but traded to Ottawa.
I stopped at this lovely rest area on the way up.
We had a great dinner on Saturday night and Sunday got all packed up and went in different directions. I followed Art and Betty as I had an appointment to get new tires and chain and sprockets on my bike. Almost 30,000 km or 18,000 miles. Art stopped at Locksia Lodge in Lolo Pass for a break and the Model A car club had a meet there. Unexpected and pretty cool.
This is a BMW
Well I think I will go for some dinner and continue later at Lava Hot Springs KOA.

Journey home from Mariposa

I am sitting in a campground in Fort St John BC. I have to finish the ride back from California and start a whole new episode where I went to Kamiah Idaho and Panquitch Utah and Cody Wyoming.
Then home and this new trip to Alaska. Best get at it. I left off in Mariposa figuring I had to be home by 7 Weds evening and I did not leave til Monday morning so the initial reaction was head for the interstates as quickly as possible. So it was north out of Mariposa to Sonora Pass to 395, 208 around Tahoe and Reno to I80. The first night I made Eden, Idaho...just east of Twin Falls. 678 miles.
On Sonora Pass
Forgot my favorite kitty that goes to Mariposa
Sunset at Eden Idaho Amber Inn. Looked good after going through a downpour over Emigrant Pass. This was a great place with a restaurant just up the hill.
When I arrived here I texted home to say I would make the meeting and was informed they had cancelled it. So the next day instead of going straight up I 15 I headed over to Missoula and stayed overnight with Art and Betty. The next morning Art and I met Roger, Jim , Hal and Jerry for breakfast. Nice to see the old gang. One never knows when you will see them again. I left Missoula around 11 and made it home by 8. Another wonderful trip returning from California.