Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Palm Springs to Mariposa California

May 19 I flew to Palm Springs. Beautiful weather on arrival.
And there was Ken like clockwork to pick me up. Note the beautiful day. I got the bike running and out right away and only stayed overnight and headed out to Ridgecrest and Mariposa. On the way through Riverside California, I finally stopped at the Sketchers warehouse. That is like a whole tourist stop in and of itself. I bought 2 pair of shoes. 1 for me and 1 for Phyl. I just love them.
Even the parking lot was beautiful. This warehouse is about 1/4 mile long and is the distribution place for Sketchers in California. Then continuing my journey I headed for Ridgecrest and my friends Jimmy and DeeDee. Jimmy has restored this beautiful bike and is working on another as well. They have so much great stuff. It is like visiting a museum when I stay there. So much fun. I just love these guys.
The following photos are just some of their neat STUFF.
I was able to stay only the one night as they were off to a wedding in southern California and I was off to Mariposa. I went up over Walker Pass and through the giant sequoias. At the top of Walker pass I was stopped as there was an accident down below. It gave me an opportunity to take a few pictures and to learn something about the area.
This motorcyclist was pulled off to the side waiting for the accident to be cleared. He was complaining of the cold. Said it was old age. He was 2 years younger than me?????
On HWY 190 lots of twisties. My center stand kept dragging in the turns so I am going to take it off. As I got closer to the sequoias it started to get foggy and was very damp with beads of moisture forming on my visor but once I went down in elevation it got warm again. It is amazing how many great motorcycle roads there are in California. Not only are the trees giants but so are the yucca plants.
Stopped at this lovely waterfall. I should get at this blog in a more timely matter as I cannot remember the name of it. Either that or write it down somewhere. Duh?
There are people walking down there. Did I? NO!
Stopped at this little place on the Interstate for fuel and lunch. Great cheese here .
I had scooted over to the Interstate so I could make some time. Mariposa next stop and I will continue there.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Helena Montana

The last time I posted was of my trip to Palm Springs, Ridgecrest, Death Valley, Las Vegas and Joshua Tree Dec 14 to Jan 15 after which I flew home and had major surgery March 19. I call it throw away cancer as some of us lucky women do just that. I could not make too many plans as I was uncertain of the recovery and when I could ride again. Needless to say I was on the bike 6 weeks later. I went with Karl, Bruce, John and Doug up to Clive where we picked up Gerry and Annie and rode to Bentley and joined the Northern Stars for lunch at the Top Monkey. It was very good and I was especially happy when we stopped in Red Deer at Turple Bros and I got to say hello to my good friend Glen.
The following weekend seeing as how I was good to go. I rode  to a campout in Helena in the pouring rain. I knew once I reached my destination I had a room not a tent to stay in. This is one of Kevin and Annie Huddy's cats. Very laid back. Alistair and Ron also arrived on their motorcycles from Lethbridge. They were going to come in a car but it seemed this crazy woman was coming from Calgary on her motorcycle and they didn't dare. The weekend remained cold and wet and windy and thus a lot of the Missoula crowd came for only a few hours and in cars. Sunday I was going to ride to Philipsburg to the Western Montana BMW meeting but chose to go home and good thing as Kevin and Annie ran into a fair amount of snow on the pass. It was 1C and raining hard through Wolf Creek Pass. But as I neared Calgary I stopped at Aspen Crossing, the sun was shining and I got to say hi to my friends Bill and Lynn from Las Vegas and Phyllis Laing and her family from church . It was a new train inauguration party and I crashed it and got fed as well.
Ron and Alistair. We sure had lots to eat as Annie had prepared for 25 and there were 5 of us there for dinner Friday and 10 on Saturday.
There is quite a story about these rail cars. They were not there a year ago and it appears the railway is stockpiling them in Silver City to the west and they are strung out for miles with all kinds of lovely graffiti on them and when asked will be there til August. What an eyesore. So I am delighted to be working on my Blog again and the next episode will be my trip to Palm Springs and the Mariposa BMW rally. I left 2 days after returning from Helena. Flew down May 19. So will keep that for my next story.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

I have not posted for a long time. Busy Busy Busy. I will be traveling again for the next 3 weeks so not sure what will get posted again for awhile. Going to try and put a picture in here of my ride back from Palm Springs and the Mariposa BMW rally. If that does not work it may be awhile til you hear from me again.