Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bee Cee Beemers Rally Nakusp 2014

Well I am on another adventure and still have some back posting to do. Right now I am at the Rim Rock Inn in Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. What a beautiful place I cannot believe I have never been here before. Will check it out more tomorrow but for now lets get back to Nakusp. Unfortunately we had some rain this year and I think it discouraged some from coming as only 213 attended. The food as always was delightful as well as the camaraderie. I left on Wednesday and went through Revelstoke and came on the ferry from the north.
Waiting patiently for the next ferry.
As you can see I just missed it. Again.
This little British Camper was
also waiting for the ferry. Unfortunately he was 1st off and only did about 30km/hour.
Finally underway
Beautiful and smooth
Landing ahead
As usual we got our usual site. Peter from Calgary whom we had met last year had an accident and had major broken ribs, vertebrae and ankle but still he came in a BMW car and we were delighted to see him again. Joe was there with the 1995 R100R my favorite bike from Europe . The Beautiful One.
 Well once again I am having trouble downloading pictures. This happened last night also.
The indomitable "Turk"
Phil Funnell
It rained this year which somewhat dampened the spirits but we just got a tarp and visited under that in the rainy periods. The flowers as always were spectacular. This is one little town that puts it best foot forward. And of course my favorite couple were here. John and Dorothy Wetherell. He is 87 and she is 88 and they are still living the life on a brand new FJR 1300.
Here is the gang under the tarp
Steve and Tony and Tonni's brother Jim under Tonni's nylon fly.
The thing I liked most about this rally is that when it came time to take the seniors for rides it had been raining all morning so we were invited for coffee and cookies. Well the sun came out and it got beautiful for 2 hours. Everyone went for a ride and some even twice and Atsu saw us go by and he got a ride also and we got a great Thank you card from his sisters. So heart warming. one lady got in my sidecar and said HIT IT. What a dear. Saturday I decided if I was going to be wet I was going to be warm and wet and I went up to the hot springs. I took a fellow rider Peter in the sidecar. I needed ballast. Please don't tell him that. I all so got this great picture of me with a fire hydrant with my age on it. How did they know?
Will conclude with some of the flowers and the ferry to Creston and the McWhirneys from Montana at the front.
This is the seniors hall. We had to eat all 3 meals here this year because of the rain.
Up at the Hot Springs
Must close as I am currently in Flagstaff Arizona heading for Tuscon tomorrow. Need to get on the road early.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Home to Calgary from Ontario

Well I left White River and out of Marathon I stopped at The Hungry Moose. I had passed it last year and so wanted to stop. Wonderful breakfast and a lot of locals were there. I got back on the road and when I reached Nipagon I called Taz. He was in Ignace and had to get his load to Ottawa on Tuesday so we agreed to meet at a truck stop just out of Thunder Bay. After lunch and looking at this beautiful car we headed our separate ways.
So I headed on. I was planning to stop at The Lone Pine Motel in Ignace as I liked it so much before but it was booked up so I found myself at this place.
The guy who owns the place is a collector of these figures. I did not like the place that much but met 4 wonderful people there 3 on BMW's and 1 on a Vulcan. Mick, Kathy, Sharon and Monica. For the remainder of the trip home we kept hopscotching or traveling together all the way.
I saw the 4 leave when I was packing and partook of the hotel breakfast such as it was. I headed west and ran into a little shower around Kenora and finally decided to stop for lunch at this lovely spot.
As I was leaving along came the 4 bikes so I tagged on behind. We stopped for fuel and it was indicated they were going to try to reach Brandon and I wanted to stop and visit Margie in Winnipeg so we said our goodbyes. Margie was not home so I headed on to Brandon. I found a really nice motel and went for a little ride before going to bed and checked out some nearby motel and low and behold they were in the Best Western and so I asked the clerk to call they room and see if they would mind company. We visited for awhile before I headed back to my room.This is the Midway Motel I stayed in.
This is the Beef and Barrel I ate at next to my motel. Good food and very reasonable. 
We hooked up again and stopped in Indianhead Sask for lunch.
Red River Cart at the rest area.
At lunch in Indianhead Mick at his bike.
Proof I was at Fleet Brake Regina
The next morning after breakfast I headed out again I wanted to stop at Fleet Brake in Regina . Man it took me awhile to find it and then I visited for awhile and I could not find my way out. So after screwing around for a couple of hours I ended up in Swift Current. I emailed and they were in a rather expensive motel across the road and I was in the Centre Street Motel. Very nice and I walked to a nearby Chinese Food place which gave you lots to eat and was very good. I thought I would not see my friends again but running on fumes I pulled into Maple Creek Sask for fuel and in behind me came my friends. They were rather slow leaving and I caught up and we traveled together again. We stopped one time at a Tim Horton's and the lady asked Mick if she could help him and he replied No I have to wait for my girls. Then we came in and he had us order and she said Wow. You must be a King. We stopped in Brooks for lunch but with road construction etc we had a hard time finding the Subway. Stopped and took these pictures at the Rest Area.
I traveled with them again until a rest area jus outside Strathmore and once again said goodbye. They were headed to Canmore for the night and to Hyder after that. I said if they saw mw the next day they were in trouble as I was stalking them.
Momma goose and her goslings
What a great group of friends brought together by a common bond Motorcycling.
I waved farewell east of Calgary one last time.
Today I had lunch with Ken and Karen at Cora. So will end this episode with my lunch. I never got any pictures at the UMCI rally at Acme but it was a huge success with 22 present.
Tomorrow I leave for Nakusp.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Visit with family

It had been a long time since I was down east with my family and so good to see everyone again. My niece Dianne had planned a BBQ at my nephew Ricky's place and all the kids were there and some of their families also. My sister-in-law Mary was there as well.
Ricky has a lovely 2 tier deck in his back yard. The sign with the birds on it he painted. He is a wonderful artist.
Several deer were down here in the yard earlier in the day.
My great nephew Chris. He was instrumental in building the deck.
My niece Suzanne and my great nephew
Ricky's wife Karen and their daughter Amy with a great great nephew. I am starting to feel OLD and to top it off I can't remember everyone's name. All are delighted to see Aunt Marg on her motorcycle. My brother used to do flat track racing when he was younger. I went over to his gravesite and took these pictures.
Do you see the ghost?  Kind of weird huh?
I stayed with Dianne for 2 days and then with explicit instructions from Dianne I headed for Fleet Brake in Mississauga. I got lost in Paris, I got lost in Brantford, I managed to get into Mississauga on Derry Ave and next think I knew I was at Woodbine in Toronto. Missed a turn?? Anyway I finally got to our store and visited with the people I talk to on the phone all the time.
Viet, JP, Ryan
Then with explicit instructions I headed north to Midland Ontario without going on the 400 or 401.
I did Route 69 while I was 69. Then at Barrie they told me to get on the 400 and then get off later. So I get on 400 and next thing I am on 11 north going to Orillia. Oh well get to Orillia and head west on 12 into Midland. I stayed at the Comfort Inn which was very nice. The next morning I drove down to the waterfront which was very nice but was unsure why I wanted to spend an evening there. Anyway the next morning I went to the Shrine of the Marty which is just east of town. It was very nice but probably does not appeal to all. They have a walk which covers the 12 stations of the cross. Truly beautiful.
Our Lady of Huronia
Beautiful Queen Ann's lace No two alike like snowflakes
After stopping at the shrine I headed to Sudbury and Maslack supply . Both JP and Carol Anne were working so I waited til they got off and then followed them home. I worked with JP at Airvac in Calgary many years ago and was to visit him once in Sudbury so we had a lot of catching up to do .
Here is JP on his bike and a nice picture of Carol Anne.
After a good day riding I found myself in White River for the night. White River is where Winnie the Pooh came from. The original bear.
A lovely stop on the shore of Lake Superior. There were so many lovely trees, lakes, and rocks along this sretch of road and unfortunately I did not stop and take more pictures. The lakes were still like glass and oh so lovely.
Flowering Kale
I loved the paint job on this bike and trailer at the motel. They were from Pennsylvania. Later A couple of guys pulled in 1 on a BMW but they just had dinner and traveled on.
I traveled on the next day amidst trees and rocks and lakes galore. I wanted to stay at that lovely motel the Lone Pine that I had stayed at before but they were full so had to go back to another place in Ignace but this proved to be a fortuitous thing and will probably conclude my trip next episode.