Sunday, 8 February 2015

Death Valley to Las Vegas and home

I reluctantly left my friends in Ridgecrest and Jimmy explained how to get to Death Valley going over the Panamints. I traveled through Trono. What a small, dirty little mining town this is. Sure glad I don't live there. Then through Death Valley from south to north. I stopped and took these pictures just south of Stovepipe Wells.
You can see the snowcapped peaks of the Sierra Nevadas way off in the distance.
Such a diverse environment and this is just in a 360 deg circle.
Went right through Stovepipe Wells, past the mesquite sand dunes, past the devil's corn field. I had been to all these spots previously. On to Beattie. This time there was no snow on the ground. I got to Vegas in good time but missed I knew where I wanted to go but getting there was a bit of an issue. But I finally arrived and Bill made dinner. The next day we had to go to a car dealership in Henderson and we had breakfast there . We met a few of Bill's musician friends. I stayed 2 nights in there lovely home and then headed back to Palm Springs.
You may remember pictures of their pool and the view looking over all of Las Vegas from when I was there before.
Looking east out their front door
The second day I helped make a stir fry for dinner and felt it was picture perfect
I headed south out of Vegas planning to go south far enough to miss the Interstate till I was out of the city but NOO I turned to soon and went right through downtown. Right pas the new ferris wheel. Yes it does move for 60.00 you go around once but it goes so slow that it takes 45 minutes.
Once I reached Baker I turned south through the Mojave. I was greeted by a badger crossing the road as I headed into the heart of the Mojave. Through Roy's place at Amboy and south again into 29 Palms. Then down into Palm Springs. Karen had dog coursing again that weekend in Chino. It rained for the most part but the dogs still ran and did very well. Here is Quiz under her new blanket having a well deserved rest.
On Monday I headed out to one of my favorite spots. Joshua tree National Park and it was my goal to get my National Park passport book stamped.
There are 5 stamps in Joshua tree and I went into this campground for the first time. I will go back. It is beautiful here. I did not get my stamp from Indian Cove though as the ranger was in the campground and the stamp was locked in the station. I will have to return.
There are so many nooks and crannies in this awesome place to explore and I always stop at a different place.
It is amazing what erosion can do over time.
I rode from the north end out the south end to I 10 to return to Palm Springs. The wind was really bad on the Interstate but I made it home Okay. The next day I wanted to go to Indian Canyons. In all the Palm Springs brochures they are listed as a thing to see and do when in Palm Springs but being directionall challenged by times I could not quite fathom where they were. It seems when I come out of Ken and Karen's mobile home park...instead of turning right and going into Palm Springs ...I needed but to turn left and go to the end of the road.
I found another treasure that day. Hiking several miles. Another place I will definitely go back to. An oasis where the local Indian tribes dwelled and hunted.
These hummingbirds greet you just outside the trading post and yes I walked down that path and back up it also.
This is one of the oasis hidden in the canyon.
A couple of Indian huts as they might have been back then.
They don't trim the Palm Trees here and you can get lost in these groves listening to the  myriads of birds .
This is a warm spring where the Indians used to bathe.
The trail or path passed through these 2 rocks.
Cool rock formations abound
This monument is at the beginning of the trail.
I then headed up another canyon in search of another waterfall.
I then got on the bike and road over to another canyon and did a 1 mile loop there.
Well my computer does not seem to want to load anymore pictures so I will finish for the evening. I had one with rocks towering over me and all I could think of was if there was going to be an earthquake just let me get out of here. The next morning I boarded an airplane and flew home. Now that I am here I am embarking on another journey. Dr's and hospitals and surgery. I do not know a lot at the moment but will try and keep you all updated. Hopefully I am back on the bike in May. I have places to go, people to see and adventures to live.