Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Coeur d'Alene and Nakusp 2013

The next day I left Harrison about 9AM and headed towards Couer d'Alene constantly watching for wild life. Just a little ways into the woods there is a young moose standing in the road so I travel really slow and then this big nose pops out of the bush. It's mommy. So the both cross the road and mommy stops at an apple tree to get a bite. She had 2 young ones. Drat could not get a picture. So I traveled on and pretty soon a deer crossed ahead of me. Okay so where is number 2? Sure enough running along the side reluctant to cross so I stopped and then she went. I told her she was a good girl as I passed. Not long after a doe with 2 fawns was at the side but she went back. That was all the excitement on that stretch so I proceeded into the city and stopped at an Elmer's for breakfast. It was good and they make the best baking powder biscuits. When I left I was going to Jordeane's as I had been unable to reach her by phone. So I headed north only to find I was on the right street at Elmer's.
I enjoyed a lovely visit for 2 nights and left on Wednesday morning. I was delighted to see how well she is managing. Still a lot of pain and lots of metal holding her together but for the most part she is doing well. When I left I traveled over to Hwy 41. Here another flock of turkeys ran across the road in front of me. These ones were all the same size though. Then I went to visit Billie Leonard and Dave north of Rathdrum. They are part of the sidecar group and enjoyed a lovely visit. Finally it was time to get moving. When I arrived at the border there were only 3 vehicles ahead of me but there was no one in the booth and we were not moving. So I thought what the heck did the guy have a heart attack? Pretty soon I heard a siren and an ambulance from the Canadian side stopped at the booth and 1 fellow went out and me them and took them in the little house. A while after he came to the window and started putting us through. A little excitement. I headed through Salmo, Nelson, Silverton and towards New Denver. I was getting really tired and thirsty so stopped at this place. I only got a water as they only serve special coffee's and juices etc. The name intrigued me though.
Sleep is for Sissies.
Then on to Nakusp. I went uptown for dinner and of course the flowers there are always so beautiful.
As the rally progressed. It started officially on Thursday. I was uptown having breakfast when this bike pulled up with a couple on it. Notice the foreign plate. They were from Switzerland and were visiting friends in Silverton and when I told them about the rally they came over to visit and met another friend they had not seen for awhile. Peter and Meggie Hess.
Billie sleeps in this hammock. Great if you have 2 strong trees but what does he do in the desert?
Jim Benge
I met him and Kathy a few years ago in Okanagan Washington and they informed me about Republic BMW rally.
Kathy and another friend.
Of course the usual crowd was there and it is always delightful to see everyone and of course meet new people. When I arrived they pulled my envelope out and said oh are you with Jim. Whoa there is a concept I had not heard for awhile. There was another fellow there whose name is Jim Lang. Not my ex husband as he is from the US but it was fun trying to find him and meeting a lot of other people while looking.
Bob trying to kill wasps. Marje looking on.
Sunrise Saturday morning. Storms threatened all day but held off until after the games but we had to eat supper in the hall.
Reinhart doing what he does best. Sell 50/50 tickets.
Watching the games.
Arriving at the ferry terminal on Sunday 10 minutes late 40 minutes to go but as we waited more and more arrived and visiting was in full swing.
Once across the ferry Gary and I had breakfast at MacDonalds in Revelstoke and then we parted company as he had to go to Edmonton and me to Calgary so I continued on and arrived home around 5 PM. Good ride. Now I am back at work and preparing for the next trip.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Kamiah, Idaho and Nakusp, BC 2013

Went back to work this morning after arriving home yesterday. Now I need to get up to date on the past 2 very exciting weeks. I left Calgary on Thursday and rode to Missoula, Montana arriving at Art and Betty's around 7. Karl and Dodie and Bo Nordin were already there and we went for dinner at Hu Hot. I  helped Betty cut up stuff for breakfast  but I left to get to Big Sky BMW when they opened. The part I ordered was backordered and on further investigation found our it was the wrong one anyway. So I left there and headed up to Lolo and the Hayloft as I had not seen the gang for awhile. Everyone was there. Jerry Abbott, Roger, Jim and Rudy. Just as I finished Karl and Dodie and Bo showed up and Bo and I proceeded to Lewis and Clark resort while Karl and Dodie waited for Art and Betty and the motorhome and the kids so they were a little delayed. Set up and went for dinner at the restaurant.
This was the Idaho State Rally
The next morning I went for a ride by myself up to Kendrick Idaho to get a picture of Bob's garage that I had missed last year. The ride along the Clearwater River was gorgeous. There was a little road construction but that just gave everyone and opportunity to stop and enjoy the beautify scenery.
There were lots of people fishing up and down the river and on the ride to Kendrick everyone was picking blackberries.
Then on to Bob's Garage and I had brunch at Archie's Place. Very  good.
Back at the campsite I gave the kids a ride in the sidecar. What sweeties.
And of course the intrepid Tony Neilsen from Grand Forks who has given up his Goldwing and graduated to a BMW R1200GS.
The next day I headed north taking my time to Nakusp. As I passed through Harrison, Idaho ( Home of One Shot Charlie's) I spied the Lakeside Lodge with a moose on the sign. It was early but I was kind of tired so I went in and enquired about the price and it was 109.00 for the night. Not bad but I thought I should just travel on but the lady said "How about 75.00 and no tax." Well that iced the cake and I really feel I was meant to be there .
Just before Harrison I stopped in this quaint little town for a few minutes.
I also stopped at St. Maries for lunch
 Lakeview Lodge. My beautiful room. and Lake Couer d'Alene from my deck and the beautiful sunset.
That evening just before this sunset I took a ride down to the wetlands to see if I could see any moose. All I was able to see was a swan, an osprey and a great blue heron.
But I did take these lovely photos of the Couer d'Alene River.
I had dinner at The Landing right next door to ONe Shot Charlies and this was my view from the patio table.
And I will finish this episode with a picture of the Baptist church in Harrison.
Tomorrow I will reluctantly leave this beautiful place and head for Nakusp. Bur first a beautiful sleep in this place. I woke at precisely 11:58 and went out on my deck to view the Persius meteorite shower and was delighted to see 6 ( falling stars) There was a storm to the north with lightening and a fog bank to the south but I had my perfect viewing window. Tell me that was not meant to be.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Republic Washington and BMW Rally

Well once again I found myself in Republic and what a load of fun I had. It seems everyone went to Republic from Salem. Well not everyone but a good group of people I knew. I had been here before but found I had a lot more fun this time and the weather really cooperated. I got there Wednesday so that was pretty much a free day getting set up and saying hello to those I knew, Bruce, Turk, Ron Clark and new friends Bill Tonkin and Tom from Mexico. We walked up to the little café/service station on top of the hill and had dinner. Turk said it was 2 miles but closer to 1/4 mile only. I think he was prone to exaggeration.
Turk and Joe
Yes Joe surprised us on Friday night and joined us all at the rally.
This is Tom from Mexico City
Ron Clark from PEI
I really missed my calling, while I was at this rally I volunteered to man the beer booth I worked 2 days from 2-10 and sold a lot of beer and told a lot of jokes. What fun. Brought to mind the joke Get off the table Mabel the monies for beer.
I got my usual ride on the merry go round on my favorite horse Rose.
This is such a beautiful reconditioned merry go round and every year I have been able to take a ride.
The second morning Thursday I went for a ride by myself and went to Tiffany's Resort on Curlew Lake just north of Republic. Dick and Gerry's niece and nephew own the resort. I had a little difficulty finding it but it is a beautiful place. Sometimes I wish I could take pictures and often miss the opportunity. While looking for the resort I went to the town of Curlew and had to cross an old wooden bridge with cross bars and then planks on either side. Fun. And then when I got back to Republic just inside the town there was a deer with velvet antlers and he was going to the old church. Guess he was going to pray there were no hunters around. Anyway here is the resort and Curlew Lake. Very pretty.
Back at the rally we had the Top Notes play. Unfortunately they did not have much of an audience as most people went to bed early anticipating a long ride home the next day.
My beer selling partner Rick.
Where the band was set up
Phil Funnell and his rat bike from Salem rally. He sleeps in the pod.
Joe's tent in front, mine and Tom's behind.
My friend Phyllis and I. She took most mature female to ride her bike to the rally and we were laughing about her at 61 being older than me......
Me emerging from my tent on Sunday morning.
Then Joe and I traveled together to Colville Washington and had breakfast at the Acorn Saloon and then went our separate ways. As it was after a stop for hamburger and fries at Moyie it was still 9:45 when I arrived home. My timing was good though because I hit highway 22 after the hail storm. The hills were white and it was very cold.
In the Moyie hotel.
Home once again.