Friday, 5 February 2016

2016 Yuma and Ridgecrest

Well I left the desert and rode to Yuma on the Interstate. Finally found Trish and we had a great visit. She has a new motorhome with pullouts so definitely more room and instead of traveling to all the hot spots she is spending the winter in an RV park. She likes it here as she is a member of the fitness club and a dancing club in Yuma. The first day I was there Trish took me to the Yuma Territorial museum.
It was kind of a dreary day drizzling rain so this was something fun to do despite the weather.
My mug shot proclaiming my innocence.
This is the hole that prisoners were kept in if the caused any problems. Men and women alike. There was nowhere to lie down or even go to the bathroom. They were fed bread and water in here. You would think it would be a detterent but many spent several days in here.
Trish at the entrance. You can see it was wet .
This was the original watch tower.
Looking down on the Colorado. Trish has been kayaking down there.
The transcontinental railroad bridge. The railroad ran past here even in the old days when the prison was being used. They have a lot of artifacts and pictures and histories of most of the infamous prisoners incarcerated here. We left here and went to downtown old Yuma. We went to Lutes Casino for lunch. It is no longer a casino, just a restaurant with not fancy but good food and lots and lots of stuff.
They are trying to revitalize this area and it is very nice.
This is the ladies bathroom door.
This fisherman
and his catch. Yes that is a women's head inside the fishes mouth. There is not a blank spot on any of the walls.
That afternoon we went dancing at another RV resort with Marguerite. They even made me get up and dance a few times. I have 2 left feet and because there are not enough men to go around . I was content to sit and watch. That evening we watched some videos of some trips Trish had taken.
The next day Trish was going dancing again so I phoned Doug and Darien and found out they were just around the corner so I walked over and had a great visit. The next day while Trish was at exercise class I headed out. Stopped in Quartzite for lunch and when I got to Palm Springs I thought I would drop off my tent and sleeping bag as I would no longer need them. As I got closer to Ken and Karen's it started to spit and then drizzle rain. I no sooner pulled into the carport than the heavens opened and it poured. It even poured into the mobile home as the roof had a leak. So I stayed  a couple of days. It is not wise to travel on some of those roads in the rain because of flash floods an mud slides. Friday dawned clear so I headed for Ridgecrest. It was cool but not too bad.
Snow still down on the mountains in Palm Springs.
Oranges in abundance.
Snow on the hills.
At the Half Ass Ranch
Dee Dee made this quiche for breakfast. Ohhh so good.
When I arrived Dee Dee and I went to meet Jimmy over at Fury's. I had jokes to tell.
Then the next day we went to the second hand shop so I could get a book to read and we bought powerball tickets. That evening it was a friends birthday party at the Five Finger pub in Inyokern.
We rode over in the 1964 Land Rover which we took geocaching the next day.
It is always fun here. One day we took the 56 Chev and the next day the 39 Plymouth coupe.
So on to our day in the desert.
Beautiful scenery and vast expanses. We went to an old mining camp called Bickel camp.
Some squatters live here and make sure that all the old things remain intact.
Inside the cabin Bickel lived in.
Lots of old fridges
Lots of old gas cans.
Then back on the road to the Schmidt tunnel.
Looking back from whence we came. Outside the entrance.
Entrance. I smacked my head here on the way out. Seems this guy named Schmidt started this tunnel looking for gold but later became obsessed and hand dug this 1/2 mile tunnel right through the mountain. It took him 38 years.
We stopped once more on the way to Randsburg and looked for another geocache.
On to The Joint
That evening we stopped at Olivieri's for Mexican food in Ridgecrest on the way home.
One last picture of Dee Dee and Scruffy and then I headed back to Palm Springs and home.
Thank you guys. Always a great visit here.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

2015 Christmas in Palm Springs

One day I went with Ken on his sales calls and we went to Apple Valley. The original home of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. The museum was moved to Branson then the pieces were sold off.
Back in Palm Springs I was looking for something to do one day while waiting for my motorcycle to be repaired so I walked several blocks to the local Koffi shop. Right in front was the free trolley so I hopped on and did the complete circuit. Talked to some nice people and enjoyed the ride. So a few days later I decided to hike Tahquitz canyon. So I walked to the trolley stop and after waiting for about 20 minutes I decided to read the sign. It did not run that day so I started walking. I walked all the way to Mesquite road and up the hill to the canyon. At the visitors entrance it costs $12.00 to do the 1.8 mile hike. As I was making my decision my phone rang and it was my friend Cathie from Fleet Brake and she came and picked me up and we went for lunch at Smoking Burgers in Smoke Tree Plaza. What a great visit. The next day was Dec 30 and the rally started in Agua Caliente the next day. I finally got my motorcycle back. $329.00US and they replaced 5 clamps, Did an oil change and added coolant. Did not even diagnose the fact that my water pump needs replacing. Even though they came recommended to me. I will not be passing it on. So Thursday morning with tent and gear loaded up I headed south to the campout.
On the way to Tahquitz canyon.
How do you like my new trendsetting look? Pretty scary all right. Trying to make a fashion statement. Tent is up and I am ready for New Years Eve. Sun is shining bright but it is really rather chill and that night went down to 34F or about 1C. But I had my rock and kept toasty all night.
My friend Phil from Chubbock Idaho.
Sitting around the fire ring. Phil, Tim, Paul and Reid. You can see my tent way behind but that will soon be filled in as more arrive. New Years Eve. Hard to believe. This is the fifth year I have celebrated here. The next day I grabbed my swimming suit and a towel and headed the long way round to the hot pool. I had never hiked the canyon in the 4 previous years. Most do it at night. I really don't know how. I started out and then remembered there had been a cougar sighting and there I was doing this all alone. It took me several hours . It was very challenging and there were places I was unsure where the trail went.
I found myself perusing the rocks and crevices keeping an eye out for cougar.
Where did the trail go? If you look closely you will see giant steps chiseled out of the rock.
Looking back from whence I had come. As you can see the shadows are lengthening.
Where I was going. Sun has disappeared.
Was fascinated with how the cholla cactus grew all in a line like they were planted that way. Anyway I made it back to the hot pool and was shaking the whole time I was putting my bathing suit on it. BUT I MADE IT. Yeah. Jan 1 and I met one of my goals. Not that I made any resolutions. Nobody likes a sober, skinny bitch anyway.
The next day I decided to ride into Borrego Springs for lunch. I knew Turk was not around as he went to Vancouver Island for Christmas and New Years. So I just took in the sights and then rode back to the campout.
Borrego Springs is known for its metal sculptures. On the way in are giant mammoths and herds of metal horses. I did not stop but went to this garden centre in the middle of town. On Christmas Circle.
And of course Kokopelli.
I had lunch at the Taco shop. There were lots of corvettes and motorcycles who had obviously made
their destination Borrego Springs that day. I went back to the campsite and enjoyed dinner there and good company around the campfire. We all regale stories of our many trips, roads we liked, great eating places and people we meet.
The next morning I crawled out of my tent to this glorious sunrise. Life is good.
And of course our Agua Caliente First and Last Chance Rendevous would not be complete without our chair sculpture. Done by the chair fairies after everyone has turned in for the night.
Packed up my tent and headed for Yuma. My friend Trish was expecting me.
The big blue tent was my friends Doug and Darien from Billings Montana. They spend their winters in Yuma and ironically were right around the corner from my friend Trish so we had a great visit a few days later. Will finish journey in my next episode.