Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Continuation of Trip to Osoyoos

On Friday we arrived before a lot of other people but Nancy from Oregon and Duane from Washington and Abe and Betty, and Don and Hazel were already there and after we put up our tents more and more arrived. We even had a swim in the pool and hot tub on Friday evening after Nellie Benders made me WALK and WALK and WALK. I should be skin and bones. Alas NOT so.

Saturday morning Abe and his cohorts cooked us a lovely breakfast which we consumed in the clubhouse. We just hung around the campground enjoying the many facets of the place and watched other people roll in and helped them set up camp. I was absolutely delighted when THE BOB showed up.
Then at 1:30 we headed up to another part of the resort to Stew's clebration of life on the roof of one of the hotel rooms. It was very beautiful and Barb was a gracious hostess. What a lovely tribute to this man we all knew and loved.

It was very hot on the roof and a few people got up and said something about their friend. Including myself. Stew always referred to our club U.M.C.I. as UMCEE and it really caught on. If you said that then others would know you knew Stew. Here are a few more photos from the rooftop. The one is myself and my friend Lisa. We usually get our photo together once a year or so.

That evening we had hamburgers and salad provided by Abe and Betty and Rick and Irene and Mark and Willi. They really did a good job of the meals and I want to thank them for their efforts and hard work. Later that evening we just sat around and enjoyed playing bean bag baseball and golf ball toss ( That is not what we call it in Alberta) but for the sake of the sensitive that is what I will call it here.
We did not have a fire pit so we just sat around and talked and visited until the wee hours...10:00 when everyone turned in.

The next day being Sunday we had breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausages and ham, a truly lovely breakfast. Afew people left and the ones that stayed had a dinner of fried chicken and salads on the last night and door prizes were given out and Abe and Betty handed over the reins to Rick and Irene.
The next morning we were delighted to pack up dry as it kind of looked like rain and then I left for home alone. I hit a few showers at the top of Bonanza and Kootenai Pass and of course there is still snow up there. I did not stop to take a picture of the young bear striding determindely toward the road. I also saw bighorn sheep, elk and deer. When I reached Creston I tried to find Al Holgate but he has been sick and is spending a few months in a home in Kimberley so was unable to connect. When I reached Cranbrook I tried to see John and Dorothy Wetherell but again was unable to locate them so I stayed at the Lazy Bear Lodge and had dinner at Mr Mike's Steak House.
The next morning I headed for home and arrived in a downpour but before the hailstorm that swept through here a little later. Wonderful weekend with friends. Looking forward to my next adventure on the motorcycle. In the meantime I will be with 50 youth at camp. Sure hope the weather improves.

Trip to Osoyoos

On Wednesday May 16 I headed to work packed and ready to go and when my Trucker friend from Regina phoned that he was in Calgary I left and visited with him for awhile while he unloaded and then headed for Lethbridge. It was supposed to rain and snow in Calgary that evening and I thought I would get a headstart. It was hot here and very,very windy as I neared Lethbridge. When I arrived Annie cooked a lovely dinner and we visited for awhile before turning in. The next morning was cool 6 deg C
and a cold wind and some light showers but all in all not too bad. Stopped in Ft. Macleod for fuel and every 200km after that. Also stopped in Cranbrook for coffee at Tim Horton's and saw Ken Thares and his wife from Lethbridge but not on the bike. We had lunch at a beautiful rest area at the top of Bonanza or Kootenai Pass. (Half the time I have no clue where I am)

When we got to Christina Lake we looked for Al Burt but to know avail. He probably could not have handled the 2 of us anyway. Or else he saw us coming and ducked out back. Once we reached Grand Forks we called Darlene to get Tonni's number and when we reached him he gave us Barry's number and Mark and Willi Prior's. Mark and Willi invited us over and we had a lovely evening visiting and getting to know them better in their wonderful home in Grand Forks.

The next morning dawned absolutely beautiful and we headed out and stopped at Barry Pratt's to pick him up. He introduced me to his wife as the woman he slept with last May long weekend. Remember Barb, Barry, Tonni and I shared that room in the mansion in Helena, Montana. Then we picked up Tonni in Greenwood and at Rock Creek they headed up to Kelowna and we headed on to Osoyoos.
We stopped at the top of the hill to take pictures of the tremendous view.
Once at the campground we pitched our tents. We had a lovely campsite. Others arrived and set up and we just visited and enjoyed the beauty of the place. We were at the NK'MIP resort. For dinner on Friday evening we went to the Native Indian Bistro on site and had bannock with Chili or pulled pork on top. It was delicious and did not have to ride anywhere.

Well I think I will end this episode here as I have to run and get some things done and I have already lost this whole thing once. It is taking longer to download pictures and I want to save some for the next episode Stew's Celebration of Life.
Gorgeous weekend, Great friends, Good food 
All this club and group of friends embodies