Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Road to Hamburg NY 2016

A little tour with cousin Doris around Elliston Park and a look at this family of ducks and then it was repacking and off to Hamburg.
First stop Saskatchewan.
I found a really delightful place by accident. I had not had lunch and needed fuel so I stopped in Mortlach Sask. There is no service station here but I went to this great little restaurant. Franklin's Cafe. Two ladies greeted me and I had a lunch of chicken caesar salad on a pretzel.
Then I was instructed to be sure and go to the bathrooms. Even the men's. The following photos will show why.

This is the ladies.
In the men's you are encouraged to leave your mark.
The first night I stopped at Dale and Marlene McBains. I got there in time for dinner and they invited friends over and enjoyed good food and camaderie.
The next morning I headed to Winnipeg.
"Going to Winnipeg"
I stopped for fuel at this little place in Saskatchewan where they had all these little grain elevators.
I think the name is Grenfell

Next stop Manitoba
My friend Margie and I had a lovely visit and the next day I headed for Ontario.

At the rest area where I stopped to give my bum a break.
I got to Ignace Ontario and stopped at the tourist information place and debated whether I would stop for the night or not. It started to rain and that clinched the deal. I was going to my favorite motel. I had a delightful evening looking at the rain on the lake and at one point slipped into town for a Subway sandwich.

Lone Pine motel Ignace Ontario on Lake Agimak
The next day it rained off and on through Ontario but I was dressed for it and did not find it too miserable. That night I ended up in WaWa. I had never been down in the town before. Kind of a nice little place. Several of us ended up going motel to motel til we found a room available and we all seemed to go across the street to a restaurant there for dinner. I ended up sitting and visiting with a couple from south of Sudbury. It was a good pleasant place to stop. The next morning I headed out once again. I found my friends were not going to be home in Sudbury so I crossed the bridge at Sault Ste Marie and went into Michigan. $4.70 toll Canadian to cross that bridge. In Michigan I turned off the Interstate and went into St Ignace. I sooo want to go back there and take one of the ferries to Mackinaw Island.
Stopped for gas at this tourist spot in Wagasu.
St Ignace looking over to Mackinaw Island.
Colonial house in St Ignace . Only 59.99 to stay here.
From here I went south over the Mackinaw Bridge . Toll was $4.00 US
I posted on facebook and some one replied That's like $50.00 Canadian Right?
Continued on through Michigan and then to the Blue Water Bridge at Port Huron. This bridge was $3.00US. Man they are breaking me. On to Aylmer and to my nieces in Copenhagen. She has a lovely place and I stayed here til Tuesday. Was surprised to find Hamburg was only 3 hours away.
Will close here and carry on in my next episode.

Home from John Day, Oregon

One thing I did want to mention in this post that I had forgotten in the last one. When we had our dinners at the rally we were treated to a lovely surprise by the local schools. The children had made placemats for us all. Here are just a couple of the ones I had. What a great sense of community when in this lovely little town.

I had the most fantastic ride home from John Day rally. If not for Joe I would have done the same ole same ole. Up 395 to Spokane and north to Hwy 3 and home but he wanted to be different and plotted out some back roads. Principally No. 3. Then we did not leave together so when I was ready I set out on my own and turned north somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I got to a small town and was uncertain where to go so continued north, through a stretch of gravel and road repair I forged on and ended up in Granite, Oregon. Not even on my map. One paved road heading straight up the mountain with homes and shops on either side. I stopped at the Outpost for coffee and directions.
I had to serve myself  and  when I asked how to get back on track was told to go back to the road I came in on. Turn right, go 11 miles and turn right again and this brought me back out on the interstate a little north of where I wanted to be. I was on forestry road 51. It was paved (kind of). Cows standing in the road, deer running in front of me and I was all ALONE. No traffic whatsover. There was the odd farmhouse. 
I discovered this lovely campsite because I was looking for a bathroom. Must figure out where it is and go back there sometime.
I got back on 3 and stopped at Elgin for fuel.
A while later I saw a pullout for Hell's Canyon and there was Joe. I had passed numerous roads for Hell's Canyon in Idaho and I believe the east side is in Idaho and the west side is in Oregon and at one point you cut across a corner of Washington State. It is the deepest gorge in North America  absolutely beautiful.

After leaving this beautiful overlook we wound down, down , down into the canyon and up the other side. This stretch is called the Rattlesnake.
From here Joe and I travelled on together. When we reached Lewiston I was hot and tired and after 10 days in a tent said I see a motel in my future. We ended up staying at the Casino in Lewiston. Once again it came into play. The next morning we got back on 3. At Dearly one could choose to stay on 3 or go 6 and 9 . They both came out at St. Maries but 6 and 9 were dotted to indicate scenic so we chose to go that way.  Hiway 9 is one of those awesome S roads where you just can get in the groove which Joe and I did.  No traffic just trees at 68 miles per hour. Trouble is the speed limit in Idaho is 55. The state trooper coming the other direction did not particularily like us enjoying ourselves so he whipped around and pulled us over. He actually was very nice and did not give us a ticket. We carried in at a slower speed. In St Maries we went to a delightful restaurant on main street I had been to once before and the waitress was filling in for her Mom who was in a meeting. What fun we had on the premise she didn't work there and really didn't give a shit. Delightful stop. Joe said if he stayed in a motel last night. Free campground this night and I knew just where to go. We stopped in Libby and bought some groceries for dinner and I took him to the Libby dam. Beautiful well cared for campsite right on the Columbia River. Packed up the next day and headed home up Hwy 37 to Eureka. Only 1 deer got in our way but we were watching. Stopped at duty free and I stopped at Fernie for COFFEE so Joe carried on as he was going to Lethbridge. Wonderful Wonderful trip.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

2016 Kamah UMCI Rally and John Day BMW rally

After a wonderful scouting Unity Camp at Lost Lake. It was now time to get on the bike again and venture forth. Carol and I loaded up and headed west for Cranbrook, BC. We had arranged rooms at the Lazy Bear Lodge and were meeting Peter and Nelly and Eric from Edson there. We also arranged to have John and Dorothy Wetherell meet us at Denny's. What a delightful time sharing old memories and getting together again. John and Dorothy no longer ride so have bought a Miata convertible. Seems to be the car of choice for x bikers.
The next morning we had a small breakfast at the motel and headed out with me leading. Don't know how that happened. Unfortunately it started to rain as we went south and it was quite cold but we forged on. Fueled up in Bonner's Ferry and agreed we would stop for lunch in Cour de Lane. Well I was concentrating so hard on staying on 93 that next thing I knew we were outside of the city and no sign of anything for miles and we were hungry wet and cold but then off to the right was a casino with food so in we went and had a bite while it poured rain outside.
The next stop was to be Lewiston for fuel but again I was concentrating on where 12 met 93 and next thing I knew we were out of town and we all needed gas. What to do , Turn around and go back or forge on. Then I suddenly remembered that casino on 12 where Joe and I had fueled up a month before and pulled in like I knew what I was doing.
It had stopped raining and we arrived at the Lewis and Clark resort and set up camp. A good turnout 83 for the rally and good fun. 
Picture out our window at the Lazy Bear Lodge
Our entourage
For some reason or other I did not take many pictures at the rally.
On Sunday everyone packed up and left except Art and Betty and the kids and I. We stayed an extra day. Karl and John looked out for Carol on the way home.
This is Rita and Brad Foltham at the dinner. They were big winners of some of the door prizes but it seems the Canadians took their fair share for sure but not me. I think I used up all my luck in Mariposa.

Art and Betty and the kids and I had a wonderful time together on Sunday and on Monday with sunny skies I packed up and headed for John Day Oregon to the BMW rally. I travelled over mostly familiar roads, through Kooskia and on to New Meadows. Okay decision. Do I go west through Council Idaho or east and south on 55 through Cascade. Well I had never been to Cascade before so east it was.( Just a note. I just found out that they tore down the Ace Hotel in Council Idaho. If you will recall, that is where I had the $25.00 room. No linoleum on the floor and camoflage sheets.)
In Cascade I found the Arrowhead campground. What a lovely campground on the Paquette River.
They do a lot of carving there and had lots of these spread around the place. There was no food nearby but I arrived in lots of time for the ice cream social. For $1.00 I had all the ice cream I could eat. Even Huckleberry so that was my dinner for the night.

Unfortunately about midnight it started to rain. So the next morning I packed up a wet tent and headed out. It was cold also and I had not eaten. I came into this town Emmett Idaho and pulled into the Blue Ribbon Cafe and Bakery. Oh what a great breakfast with homemade marble rye toast. Nothing like it. I was dripping wet but the rain let up during breakfast and I headed west and  found my way to John Day. I was one of the first to arrive and put my tent up near amenities. Almost in the same place I was at the UMCI rall there years before.
Soon people started arriving and most of my friends set up across the field. We walked up to The Outpost for meals that were not provided at the rally. We did have 2 wonderful meals provided though. Tacos one night which were excellent and fed 500 of us very quickly. The next night we had steak and chicken , again very good. Unfortunately it rained A LOT. I only went out for a short ride one day and to get fuel. 
I tried to catch the sun peaking through the clouds one day
Tim relaxing at the new coffee shop on the corner in John Day. 
This is the trophy I brought home. It is 747 miles from Calgary to John Day.
I don't know how they knew I was going to win it. It is such a likeness of me!
Will close here so I can get some things done today.
Will tell all about my journey home in next episode.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Mariposa BMW rally 2016 and home

Jimmy , DeeDee and I arrived at Mariposa after a great ride over the snow covered passes and were greeted by many friends. It was a great rally with 508 in attendance. They had good weather and many guest speakers. The usual good food and trolley rides into Mariposa where they had an art an wine tasting festival at the court house.
It was very hot so I just checked out some of the vendors and had a bite to eat before heading back to the campground. Wandering around Mariposa I spied this carving.

This old car was parked beside the festivities.
Mariposa. The mother of all counties.
Back at the campground this Africa Twin pulled in and my friend Joe is considering one so I had to take a picture. Many are touting it as the Honda of the future as it has so many new innovations.
Then the highlight of the rally for me. Ted Simon was one of the guest speakers and I got to have dinner with him. When I first started motorcycling I read Jupiter's travels. Ted rode his Triumph around the world before it was a standard thing to do by adventuring motorcyclists. He is now 85 years old and put on a delightful presentation.
I am not normally one to enjoy the GS Giants presentation but they had a great track laid out and some very courageous riders so I found it rather enjoyable this year. At the final awards on Sunday night I was delighted to win a tire pump that attaches to the battery. And also 125.00 US in the 50/50 draw. The next morning as usual I had to get up early, pack and get on the road as I had to be home on Wednesday night for a scouting meeting. So not to many pictures on the way home. Up over Sonora Pass where there was still lots of snow.  I stopped as this next place for gas. It is on 208 going around Reno and enters the interstate at Fernley..
 As I road down I 80 interesting thought arose. I was passed by an Audi station wagon with a brown tarp wrapped with rope was across the top about the width of the vehicle. Thought! That could be a body. What better place to hide it than in plain sight. Carried on. Turned north at Wells Nevada and arrived at the Motel 6 in Idaho Falls. Checked in and who pulls in beside me? This Audi with the "body" on top. I said hello and advised him he had passed me on I80 about 2 hours ago. And I explained why I remembered this. Seems his wife does pottery and it was seaweed as when it is fired it makes these marvellous colors. At least that is the story he told me. It still could have been a body.
The next day I booted it for Conrad Montana and my favorite Super 8 but I stopped at Melrose Montana for fuel and lunch and ate at the Hitching Post.
And got fuel here.
Arrived home in lots of time for the meeting.
The following weekend Carol and I rode to the car show in 3 Hills. Beautiful ride. Hot day and many beautiful cars. Here are a few.

I even found this Rat Fink for DeeDee

The next day saw me at 2 wheel Sunday. Not too many pictures as I was kept extremely busy selling 50/50 tickets to raise funds for the Veteran's food bank. We raised $782.00 Thanks to the help of Kat and Alf and Carol. 
This was before a lot had arrived. It was packed and again a huge success.

Well I will close here and then start my next adventure to the UMCI rally in Kamiah Idaho and on to BMW rally in John Day Oregon. Slowly getting caught up.