Friday, 4 September 2015

Nakusp BMW Rally

The following weekend I got out the bike and sidecar and headed for Nakusp to the BC Beemer rally.
I took my friend Steve in the sidecar up to the Nakusp Hot Springs and after having a soak we hiked a short walk up to this gorgeous covered bridge.
The following is the view from the bridge.
Some of the beautiful flowers at the hot pool.
Nakusp pool
The smoke was very bad and the ash made a mess of the tent as it fell and then rained. Friday it was nice for the seniors rides but I did not get any pictures as I was too busy driving. We got a lovely Thank you from Atsu again. It is wonderful that we are able to do this every year. Deb Guest catered our 3 meals and they were very good as always. We had fewer people this year with only 183 in attendance. It was a good rally but I missed a lot of the people who are usually there.
You can see there was a lot of smoke.
I knew I should write this down. This tree down by the lakefront looks like perhaps it is diseased but I think it is something like a reticulated  chestnut. It is supposed to be warped and twisted like that and the leaves look withered and dying.
Some more of the beautiful flowers on the lakefront.
John Kersh from Arizona. One of the many people I met in St Paul and who was in Panquitch and now Nakusp.
I left Sunday morning and went north to Revelstoke. Took these pictures on the ferry and in Yoho on the way.
This was where the clutch cable broke a couple of years ago.
Will end here but have some more exciting adventures coming up.

Ride to Drumheller

For our UMCI rally we did not have anything planned and with so many campgrounds raising their fees Karl Nordin and I decided to have just a ride. So on Saturday we met at MacDonalds and 10 of us started out. 1 left because a crucial bolt had fallen off his bike.
We ate lunch at Dairy Queen in Drumheller and Peter Rodland realized he left his insulin and tester at home so we went to the Drumheller hospital so he could get tested and get a shot. Shortly after we headed for Wayne and Bruce and Sheila left to go home.
John Colebank
We went to the swinging bridge and Peter decided maybe he should head home. So now we are 6.
When we got to the Chinese food restaurant in Strathmore Dodi and Karen were to meet us but they could not come. However Jon and Lorraine did.
Great dinner as always at this place. Always way too much food. And then as an added bonus when we were leaving our longtime UMCI members whom we had not seen for years showed up.
Dick and Ruby Bruer. So delighted to see them again.