Thursday, 30 June 2016

About time

We had a great spring and I have been out riding a lot and I have a lot to catch up on and very little time. I returned home after my sojourn in California and got a lot of things done but never went back to work,
I went to Radium in Ricky's new convertible. It was a great weekend. Soaking in the hot pool and just relaxing.

When you cannot be on the bike this is the way to go.
This was the stairs down to the free hot springs at Canal Flats. Needless to say we did not attempt the climb. It was a short winter and one day I climbed on the bike and headed to the motorcycle exhibit at Heritage Park . It was a great display and I was fortunate to have Fred and Janice show up while I was there and so had my own private tour. 

The whole display represented 105 years of motorcycling.
This is Glen Turples bike and Fred's Suzuki that he crashed but redid and a tribute to Walt Healey and Bob Kane.
I particularly liked these old gas pumps, And there were a lot of them.
There were some old cars also.
Made for a very pleasant day.
Then I was off to Banff and Lake Louise again. Beautiful day in Banff but still lots of snow at Lake Louise.

Bow Falls
Pleased to say I can now do my blog again on my desktop computer so maybe I will be able to once again catch up. Will publish this episode and then go to my trips as there have been many and I leave soon for Hamburg New York .