Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Idylwilde and home

Well now that the Living Desert is done and still there I will try to do the next phase of my journey up to Idylwilde, California. If you remember I tried to go here last year but at 3000 ft elevation encountered ice and snow on the road and really did not think it was worth it. However it is a great ride. Nothing really special but a great little town. Would like to go there and stay for awhile. I just rode up and walked around a little and went to JoAnns café for lunch. Excellent lunch by the way. Here are some pictures I took while I was there.
This is the monument in the middle of town and interspersed throughout are these deer.
These are some of the old buildings
This huge tree was just outside the window of the café and the view of the mountain I took out the same window.
When I got back to Ken and Karen's in Palm Springs I parked the bike in the carport and took these pictures just outside their mobile home 22deg C and tomorrow I would be home.
The next day JAN 10 I take a cab to the airport and get to check in only to find that I was not supposed to be there til Jan 14. Decisions Decisions. Anyway I paid the extra $75.00 and came home early. It did give me time to get together what I needed for the following week . And I did get to go to The Calgary Motorcycle Show and see all my friends and get hugs etc. I was able to sit on my F700GS well at least a facsimile of the one I have on order. This one does not have the lowered seat and suspension and it is Red where mine is Osra grey. But here it is.
I got to the Honda exhibit just in time to see Glen Turple awarded his million mile award.
Glen is an old friend of mine who owns Turple Bros in Red Deer , Alberta.
I do not know about this motley crew. Hard workers!!! Vintage Motorcycle club
When I saw Dan and Stephanie from Medicine Hat they told me that my picture was at The Ride for Dad booth so I went down to check it out at lo and behold there I am front and centre on the bike and sidecar.
I wish at this present moment I was back in Palm Springs. It has been very cold here. But eventually spring will find its way here and once again I will be able to ride.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Living Desert Palm Desert 2014

Last night I decided to try my laptop and see if I could get by the problem of putting in pictures that I am encountering on my desktop and low and behold it worked. So I spent an hour and completed the Living Desert and then I promptly deleted the whole thing. So here goes AGAIN! On my travels this year someone suggested I go to the Living Desert so I took their advice and so glad I did. This is just the most lovely intimate little zoo I have ever been to. When one enters the grounds the first thing to draw your interest is this wonderful garden train set up. My friends in Vegas would love it.
From here I wandered over to the African exhibit and the children's petting zoo, with goats and sheep and these wonderful Anjouti cattle from Mexico much like a Long horn from Texas. I don't know how they hold up their heads.
They had a couple of giraffes and zebras and elands
You could even take a camel ride or go on a Merry-Go-Round
Kind of reminds me of the story about if you find yourself doing about 50 miles an hour and you are riding a zebra and a lion is chasing you but does not appear to be gaining and there is an elephant keeping pace beside you what should you do? Get your drunken ass off the Merry-Go-Round and go home. This little zoo also puts on a bit of a show to introduce you to some of its diverse wildlife. First a beautiful golden eagle swoops out of the air and alights and devours a mouse. Then they bring out some of the other animals including a porcupine.
There was a lot of Flora and Fauna from many various regions. You all know how much I like trees and flowers so here goes.
Firecracker plant
I really liked this picture of the wolves. I thought it looked like a Robert Bateman painting.
I also went in the bird enclosure and saw this egret and a Kookaburra.
I almost forgot my favorite picture of the 2 buzzards that reminded me of the 2 sitting on a branch watching a guy painfully crawl across the desert and one turns to the other and says Patience my ass, let's kill something. Or that other old adage God grant me patience but Hurry.
And last but not least I paid $2.00 for a popsicle stick with bird seed glued to the end. I entered a cage with birds of the Australian Outback. Once you held the stick out you were deluged with parakeets, cockatiels and parrots. It was so fun.
I highly recommend this quaint little zoo. It is west on Highway 74 out of Palm Desert. And with that I will end this episode and give you Idylwilde soon and hopefully not delete it again.