Saturday, 28 July 2012

On to Menlo Washington

Friday morning I was up early and packed and on my way by 7AM. I had decided to take the most direct route. Along Hwy 12 to I5 6 miles north Exit 77 onto Hwy 6. Wow pretty hard to get lost. I did miss a turn in Yakima but with much jigging around got right back on track. I arrived about 5 Friday night and was delighted to see a few old friends and was in time for the salmon dinner. It was reported that the firefighters of Menlo used to put it on and it was excellent but they had a disagreement with the fair staff and it did leave a lot to be desired. Too bad. They also used to do an oyster feed but I missed out on that too. That evening I sat on a chair outside and watched The Blues brothers movie projected on a tarp. Hey I had never seen it before. All I could think of was the entertainment we had in Kelowna The Blues Brothers II and Jake was a woman. Her and her brother in  law had done it for a prank at a birthday party and it was so good that they have a thriving business. Does make you wonder though...all that way to sleep in a tent and wath the Blues Brothers. I did enjoy though.
I took the following on the way there.
I ran into my friend Phyliss whom I had not seen in awhile and Jurgen and many other old friends from Nakusp and Republic

New friends Sam and Bill Ott 
The next day I got up and it was pretty damp and wet. They were serving brekfast on the grounds but I opted out and decided that becaus I was so close I needed to go to the ocean. So I went to Long Beach and then south to a lookout. These are the pictures I took there.

I got my pictures and then went to The Lost Roo in Long Beach for lunch. Neat place.
I then returned to the campground and visited some more and that evening they had a live band.
I felt rather sorry for them because as the evening chill hit the air almost everyone who had been gathered around for the draws and 50/50 and awards gravitated towards the fire and heat and left them to play to themselves. Again I never won  anything but that's my luck. The next day I took advantage of their lovely breakfast and packed up camp  and decided to go back the way I came, back to Hwy12 and across to Yakima amd then north to I90 and Ellensburg. Well by the time I got to Selah I was falling asleep so even though it was early I heade for The North Park Lodge and had a lovely stay.
In the next picture Mt Rainier is in those clouds.
I met this group of bikers at a fuel stop and this BMW is like none other.
He called it his Reich machine,

Then I stopped at this weird looking rock and also a viewpoint for this dam.

This is the lodge I stayed at in Selah


When I left Selah I chose to go up the canyon to Ellensburg instead of getting on the freeway and what a delightful choice it was. I even saw a mountain line on the other side of the river.
Once I reached the interstate I stopped at a couple of rest areas. It had been so long since I was in that part of the country that I had forgotten where it was and many memories returned.

Then on to Cour d'Alene and I stayed with Jordeane for 3 days and hopefully helped her out a bit.

On to Dworshak Dam

After leaving Kendrick we were taken down to the bottom only to go up again to the dam. One of the core of volunteers was there to tell us about the dam and it was air conditioned inside so a very cool place to sit. Here are some pictures I took of the dam.

Mean while back at the rally site were all kinds of our favorite people.
George Penner and Willi from Oroville Washington
Ollie and Mary Jane
Kathy Case's daughter and son-in-law..Sorry guys..Jackie and Keith and look at those great BMW's
And of course Tonni Nielsen and Barry Pratt and Ron Pratt

 You can see how hot it was by the degree of undress. I even went in the pool a couple of times even though it was not heated. I can still hear Ron telling me to suck it up as he is used to jumping into Lac La Ronge while there is still ice on it...NOOOO THANK YOU! That evening upon return I had dinner at the Sacawajea Cafe. Just did not want to drive any further. Wednesday morning Ron told me he wanted to do something he has never done before so with great trepidation I asked..What? He wanted to ride in a sidecar so I took him to Kamiah for breakfast.
A great breakfast it was too but I could not eat much. I was so very tired all day and although I was drinking lots of water I was not replacing electrolytes and even though I hit the pool again I still slept for several hours. I ate a light supper and went for a walk across the road to the Heart of the Monster a old Indian legend of the area.

Wednesday evening we had a gathering as usual and a little bit of fun with Kevin. It seems he took off his UMCI vest and a local towns person found it and fortunately gave it to someone from the rally. Soooo our illustrious safety control supervisor was compelled to teach him how to secure a load using various techniques and tools such as duct tape, tie downs, tie wraps and rope. I think they should have left him there for awhile to get himself loose but alas they felt sorry for him and assisted him in his escape. That will teach him for accusing Kevi (his wife) of putting it somewhere.

Thursday after my down day I awoke feeling much better and wished to go on one of the rides. However I was clothes and was running a little late but with good instruction on how to get there I decided to go to the monastery. I did have to go to Kamiah for gas though so was a little late on take off but did as I was told. Through Kooskia, on to Grangeville, T intersection Uh Oh was that left or right? Turned left no sign saying Cottonwood and ended up at WhiteBird Summit. Thank goodness I did not go down but took a few pictures and turned around.

As you can see it was a looong way down so I turned around and headed the other way at the T and sure enough saw a sign for Cottonwood. Turned and went through the town and saw a sign St. Gertrude's monastery 3 miles. I arrived shortly after everyone else despite detours and they had been sent from the museum to the chapel as the nuns would be using it soon for prayers. What a beautiful serene.

Then went to the museum which had a lot of interesting things about the area and so nicely arranged and a delightful lady running it. We were supposed to go on to Lewistown to the casino for lunch but I wanted to return and the lady suggested we go to Keuterville for lunch. She said the Pub and Grub was voted the best Pub in Idaho one year. This was rather a small place.. a church and the Pub and grub but very fun and we all had lunch there and some of us returned and some forged on.

That evening was the dinner catered by the resort people. Very good with ribs..pork and beef and chicken. Coleslaw and beans. Hit the spot. Then afterward draws were made for all the door prizes and 50/50. I never won a thing and some people took several door prizes and 50/50.s. Horeshoes up their wazoo I say. Then the people who had signed up for the rooster hunt at midnight were called up and presented with their dead rooster. We had several who thought fit to cock-a-doodle-doo at 3:30AM. So Ann Odell, Ron Pratt, Ron Fox and I think Gary Shearer were called forth. Oh my What fun. That night goodbyes were said and the next morning people were off in every direction, many homeward bound and some like myself on to another adventure. But that is another story.