Monday, 23 June 2014

Yosemite National Park

Well again I have been lax. And Sunday I did the Highwood Pass run. It is a once a year trip at least.
Anyway day 2 of 49er rally I decided to ride up to the Priest Café so I could take some pictures. However I was able to avoid that Adams Ferry Road. Once was enough. I shared the shower that night with a big old spider but fortunately he stayed in his own stall. The next day I was going to laze around the fairgrounds but decided to go and see the sights in Yosemite. Reid from Ontario California gave me the pass he got the day before and I must say my timing was impeccable. I arrived at the gate on the west side with only 4 cars in line. I stopped and took some pictures along the river and continued on to Glacier Point where I was told to go to view Half Dome.

So I headed up to Glacier Point and stopped just before the tunnel to get this amazing view of the valley.
Then on up the mountain. Because of the elevation there was still a little snow in the shady areas.
Half Dome from one of the lower vistas.
Beautiful waterfalls across the valley.
Cathedral Rock
These Sequoias are huge. The next time I go I want to go to Sequoia National Park as it is not to far.
My bike looks so small
Half Dome from Glacier Point. Re my timing I arrived at the top and parked and walked over and took these lovely photos. I no sooner started back to the bike when 3 tour buses arrived and as I left there was no more room in the parking lot and they were lined up to get in.
Lots of snow off in the distance. So I wound my way back down and Turk had told me to go to Wawona Lodge near the Oakhurst exit. Built by Teddy Roosveldt way back in it was very impressive. I of course turned too soon and ended up at this motel and cabin complex.
I left here and Wawona Lodge was not far. I parked and went in, looked around for a few minutes and then thought I would have lunch. It was 11:28 and they opened the dining room at 11:30. I had turkey, rice soup that was soo good. It had garlic and I really liked it. Again I left before they got really busy and as I left on the Oakhurst side there was a 2 mile lineup back to Fishing Camp waiting to get in. Following are some of the pictures I took at the lodge.
This is taken out of the dining room table where I was sitting.
We had a lovely dinner at the rally on the one evening and I sat with my new friends Dee Dee and Jimmie across the table and Ron Harkov. I will see them again as they are going on the 3 Flags Classic in September. Well it is getting late so I think I will get some sleep. Next episode is the trip home over Tioga Pass with Fred.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Palm Springs, Mariposa California

Well after the broken clutch cable I got home and parked the bike and sidecar and Wednesday got on WestJet and flew to Palm Springs and Ken picked me up at the airport. Got the bike out and got it started and the next morning headed out. Ken led me up to 29 Palms and then through the Mojave to Lucerne Valley where he headed off on his sales calls and I went up to Barstow and then on to Mojave and Mariposa.
I arrived at the campground and set up
camp near Turk, Jack , Dennis and Tim. So I felt right at home. In fact the camping was like I was camping in my own front yard. On further inspection here was Reinhardt, Duncan and Vicki, Phil Funnell,  Michael McPeak, Rob, from BC and my friend Steve from Bainbridge Island. 400 in all attended this rally and it was very enjoyable.
This is Steve.
I arrived Thursday and got the lay of the land so on Friday I registered for the poker run. I set out by myself to negotiate the 150 miles and answer all the questions. Wow 186 curves between Mariposa and Coulterville and I did it 4 times. Will explain later. People think the have to go to Colorado  for curves and mountains. Oh no Central California has lots. The poker run led me to Adams Ferry Road a one lane two way road with crumbling edges and no shoulders that winds down to a bridge that used to be a ferry crossing and back up again. Thank God it was not busy. At one point I met 4 others on the poker run who said follow us. I don't think so. Those Harkov Brothers are just way to fast for me. Great people though and all 4 will be on the Three Flags Classic with me. I completed the run and was one of the first in with all the correct answers. But the hand I got was a dud.Nothing. Big fat 0. Oh well what fun. I forgot my camera so went back to Coulterville and Old Priest road diner the next day so I could take a few pictures. I had lunch at the diner the first day ..Walnut, turkey and cranberry sandwich. Oh so good. The next day they were oh so busy so I settled for a hamburger but it was very good also.
The Mariposa greeting team.
Taken from Priest road diner
 Coulterville is a quaint little town 25 miles out of Mariposa and I did the journey twice There and back.
Each evening there was entertainment in the beer garden and one could get dinner on the grounds. The breakfasts the wrestling club of Mariposa put on were very good and they were able to use the money for much needed equipment. Well today June 20 I am home and trying to get my Blog caught up but the bags finally arrived for my new bike and it stopped raining so I was chomping at the bit for a ride. I rode out to Strathmore and on the way home I was deluged by rain. I got wet buns and a wet pussy so now I am tired and will go to bed and continue my saga tomorrow til I catch up. Next is Yosemite National Park. Stayed tuned. Speaking of pussy...Here is one (Bentley) who comes to all the rallies on a motorcycle.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Cache Creek continued

That evening we had the sausage roast and I am delighted to note that there were 30 participants. Sadly it rained off and on all evening and as we huddled under a couple of tarps some water was pooling in the dips. Barry Pratt had the great idea to lower the pole. He sat down . The water swirled around . Found a hole and dumped directly into Barb Pomeroy's lap. Could not have been better if he had orchestrated it. To Barb's credit she never spilled a drop of her beer.  I got my rock heated up in the fire and it was warm and toasty all night. The next morning I went to Chum's for breakfast and headed out to Ashcroft to go to church. What an interesting little town and I took the following pictures of their park and history.
Picture of my friend Lisa. We usually manage once a year to be in the same place at the same time.
Peter and Nellie's rig
My tent at Brookside campground.
Barb after the water landed in her lap.
The threesome Steve, Barry Pratt, Marshall laughing at Barb's plight and Barry looking oh so innocent.
Joe and Bob We had dinner together Sunday night
This was taken in the park in Ashcroft. I had some time to kill before church.
I walked uptown and took this shot of the firehall and then went to church.
Zion United Church. So welcoming and peaceful.
Such a quaint little town. After church I rode to Lytton and encountered a rain shower on the way back but it was only for a few miles. The only thing is when I got back to the campground a lot of the others had left. There was just a handful of us left. That evening this boat pulled into the campground. Needless to say it attracted a lot of attention. They were from Florida and heading to Prince Rupert to put it in the water and then go to Haynes Alaska and down to Point Conception. When it is home in Florida it is in dry dock as he is a coffee plantation owner in Panama.
The next morning I packed up and headed for home.
I stopped at Craigalachie where the Last Spike was driven by Sir John A Macdonald for our cross country Canadian Railroad.
They have quite a nice memorial set up there. But alas at my next stop for fuel my clutch cable broke and I had to get me and the bike home. AMA towed me 100 miles to Deadman's Flats and Karl and Bo picked me up with van and trailer and got me home. Clutch cable ordered and on its way. On Weds I flew to Palm Springs to pick up the F650GS Awesome journey home for next episode.
Next 2 pictures were taken in field while I waited for the tow truck.
And so ends this episode.