Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Trip to Montana

Well I begged off work on Thursday and Friday and at 10:30 AM thought Hmmm Mileage contest started April 14... Looks like a good weekend coming up...Hmmm Think I'll go to Montana. So I packed the bike and started out and arrived in Missoula about 7:30 In time to meet Art and Betty and Horst at Hu-Hot for dinner. It was a good trip. A little construction in Alberta had me sitting for about 15 minutes in a rather chilly spot as the wind whipped across an ice covered lake.

I stayed with Art and Betty and the next day it was raining a bit so we decided to go by truck to Philipsburg. I went for breakfast with Art and then he and Horst and I went mall walking for some excercise.
We enjoyed our trip to Philipsburg and had lunch at a place called Doe Brothers which used to be a pharmacy in Philisburg. And of course one does not go there without a visit to The Sweet Palace..the World's largest Candy store.

This is some scenes taken on the way .
I again spent the evening at Art and Betty's and the next morning met some of the old gang at The Press Box for breakfast. The rain stopped and things dried out so I headed for Cour d'Alene. Art rode with me as far as Alberton where I stopped at The Fat Belly Deli and at the Book Store to say Hello to Keren as I had not been there for awhile. Then onward to see Jordeane. I had not seen her since November when she was in a Care Centre recuperating from her accident. II did not know what to expect but she met me in her shop cleaning up from her wheel chair and when I arrived asked if I would take her to Costco in the sidecar..Of course! She is amazing and got in and out of the sidecar no problem. She still cannont put too much weight on the one leg as it is still mending. BUT WOW!

I had been asking about some of the local shrubs that were blossoming and found out that the yellow is Forsythia and the white one is Star of Magnolia. Very beautiful and it is only April.

So after a great visit. I headed out on Sunday morning. It was an absolutely perfect day. Not too hot or cold, No wind, Gorgeous scenery. I traveled north to Bonner's Ferry and then west on 2 to Montana. I stopped for lunch at a cafe called Odie's Place in Troy Montana and then for once I stopped at Kootenai Falls. I think Oh I should stop everytime I go by so this time I stopped. After a little bit of a hike I went to the Falls and to the Swinging Bridge over the Kootenai River .

The following were taken from the Swining Bridge downstream. I would just like to catch tthe guy who said it was only 400 yards..More like 1/2 mile.

I found the hike down kind of interesting as I had to go over this structure to get over the train tracks and as I returned as train passed under me.

Once I reached Libby I turned East and went past the Libby Dam and Lake Koocanuska to Eureka. I was undecided what my next step would be so stopped at Trapper's Saloon for dinner and then decided to go to the Riverstone Lodge. It was such a beautiful evening I sat out on the porch of my little cabin and listened to the robins and meadowlarks and wiled away the evening reading. I was delighted to find my friend had gotten his book published. I had read his manuscript for him. I bought a copy of the book and met Steve for breakfast the following morning where he signed it for me.
I headed for home so I could vote, find out wether they wanted me at Fleet Brake and I had a cub scout meeting as well.
It was a truly amazing trip!!!