Monday, 14 October 2013

Oct 14, 2013 Fall

Today is the last day of the BMW mileage contest so I went for a ride south to Nanton , Chain Lakes, Longview, Bragg Creek and home. Fall is definitely here and I was surprised to find snow on my journey. It was a beautiful sunny day but quite cool. I wanted to get some fall leaves pictures but found they are prettier in town right now as we have not had the snow and wind like the outlying areas. There are no leaves left and their nakedness brings thoughts of the cold to come. However I do have my airline tickets for Dec 12 to Jan 10 to Palm Springs to keep my thoughts warm. Just got to do a few things before my thinking can take me to warmer climes. I did my mileage for the BMW mileage contest and just have to get it verified and send it in. A little shy of last year but I did 24,513km.
I took these at Chain Lakes and as indicated I found the leaves prettier in town.
I took the next one in my own back yard.
So until next time.