Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Well I had a few days before I went on my next adventure and someone suggested Radium and then backed out. No biggie. It sounded like a good idea so I packed up the bike and headed out. Because I had not been up that way for a very long time I decided to stop and hike Marble Canyon. Beautiful. Here are some of the photos I took.
This is the falls at the top of the canyon. It was a great hike and a worthwhile venture.
There is water down there somewhere and these great bridges criss crossing over the canyon.
There was a little chipmunk on this rock. I did not just take a picture of the bridge support?
Look at the layers in this rock beside the trail.
Sure is deep.
Some of the remains of a fire that swept through here a few years ago.
I met a lovely couple from Santa Cruz California wanting to know about my motorcycle.
I then continued on to Radium. It was my intent to camp but on arriving at the campground I found it would be 27.95 to put up my tent and there was a bear in the campground the last 5 nights. I did not want to pay that kind of money so he could have lunch so I opted for a motel. They were very expensive and I drove to Invermere thinking I might find a deal. How foolish . So returned to Radium and found this nice place for 96.00 tax included so opted to stay only 1 night.
That was my room upstairs.
Loved this decoration in the front yard. After checking in I went for a dip in the hot springs. I met a lovely couple from Medicine Hat. The pool was lovely. I had not been there in years.
After drying off and riding back to the motel I walked up to a BBQ place for a bite to eat. Here I sat and ate with a lovely couple from Texas. Sure enjoyed the company. I returned to my room and the next morning phoned my old boss George Bzeta and went and visited him and Judy. We had a delightful time reminiscing. As I left the Tyrol motel this is the sight that greeted me.
I then went back to Calgary. Great trip. Then I got ready to take the F650GS on my next adventure to Victoria, Boise and Quincy and Palm Springs. Next episode.