Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Last days of mileage contest

Today dawned relatively nice after that snow on Thursday and so after running errands I finally headed out to Elbow Falls on a run. It is a lovely spot and I had not been there for awhile. Unfortunately it was getting rather late so I parked, walked up and took pictures and left.
Some of the trees are still holding on to their leaves and the fall colors are still stunning.
Once I finished walking I headed to Bragg Creek for fuel and then went over to the shopping centre and went to The Greatest Little Wordhouse in the West and bought a couple of James Patterson books and checked out who was there on motorcycles. Did not appear to be anyone I knew so took a picture..not a very good one of the deer who hang out here and headed home. Ironically the building behind them is the Animal Clinic.
Then I headed home as it was getting dark. The next morning (Last day of contest) I got up and went to the motorcycle breakfast and then to church..where I had to read the story and try to thread a needle at the same time..REALLY!!!!
I then headed directly out to Sundre to visit with my friend Marlene and Marshall's sister and brother-in-law. Merrill and Joyce Davidson. Following is a picture of Marlene. I came home through Cochrane and just got back in time for the Cuborama meeting at the Scout Shop. Then home and I tallied up my mileage for 6 months. 27,581km Yahoo!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

It's Not Fair

BMW mileage contest ends Oct 14/2012. This is what I arose to this morning. How am I supposed to ride in this?  It's just not fair.....
Oct 11/2012......

Lake Mcgregor

The following weekend turned out to be beautiful and wanting to put on a few more miles before the contest is over I decided to respond to an invitation from my past Weight Watcher Leader Sharon to see the cottage her and her husband had built and I am so glad I did. It was a beautiful day for a ride and not only is their cottage lovely but Brenda and Dawn who were also there as staff every Tuesday were there also. What a grand reunion as I had not seen them for 2 years.

Not only was the company, the food and the glorious surroundings lovely but the ride home was absolutely stunning with the sun setting to the west and the full moon rising in the east. WoW!
The grain elevators at Mossleigh silhouetted by the setting sun are a true western site vanishing from the prairies.



Campout in Big Fork Montana

Sept 18 I flew home from Palm Springs leaving my new baby there to ride when it is Cold and Snowy here. Today for instance!!! Ryan picked me up at the airport and we had some business to do and went for dinner. The next evening I went to Stage West with my friend Mac to see Sexy Laundry. I had won the tickets on the Asthma ride. The food was good as always and the play so so. The following evening I went to the Kensington Legion to the Scout popcorn kickoff dinner. Friday morning I packed the bike and sidecar and headed south to John and Joanne Werre's place in the Foothills just west of Glacier Park in Montana. It was a beautiful fall day when I left so I took this picture before I left my yard.
I knew Going to the Sun Road was closed but decided to do things a little differently and went down through Cardston and crossed the border at Peigan. There was a pretty good line up but it went fairly quickly. This house is just south of the border and this time I stopped to take a picture of it and Chief Mountain to the west. It is pretty smoky due to forest fires further south.
Those are buffalo in the distance and this is what one encounters when entering the Blackfoot Nation.
It was a beautiful day and I stopped south of St Mary's before going over Looking |Glass to East Glacier.

I find going over Looking Glass is much like going into Glacier Park only the road is not as well maintained. Beautiful scenery though.

West of East Glacier one will pass The Snowslip Inn. If you have been reading my Blog you will find that I have stopped here before and that I discovered that they are known for their handcut home made french fries. Well my mouth has been watering since last winter and not only did I stop on the way down but also on the way back. I certainly did not need them but OOOOOh were they ever good.
I arrived at John and Joanne's and proceeded to put up my tent and then it was supper time. We always eat good at this campout and the next day was no exception as we had cornish game hens and salad and Sunday morning Delaney came and made his famous breakfast burritos. The attendance was better this year with a lot of us coming from Canada..Lethbridge in particular. The following  pictures were taken there and the main purpose of this campout was to attach a sidecar to a motorcycle that they trailered in from Lethbridge and the guys also got the electrical problem fixed on Joanne's bike and sidecar and the ultimate highlight was to watch Joanne's triumphant ride around the yard. It has been 2 years since she has been able to ride since her stroke and it was just wonderful to see her maiden voyage.


And next is Joanne's ride

The next morning dawned beautifully and I reluctantly headed home. I took these photos west of West Glacier on Highway 2. I have travelled this road many times and never seem to tire of how pretty it is in all different seasons as it follows the river.

I arrived back in Calgary just as the sun was setting. What should I encounter? A train! on 52ST!
What else is new. So knowing that the sun would be gone before I reached home, I decided to take this last photo of this trip.