Friday, 9 December 2016

3 Flags 2016

I left off my last episode leaving Tombstone Arizona and traveled the first leg to Purgatory. Kind of ironic. Purgatory was up the mountain at a ski hill north of Durango. Not that nice as we had trouble finding the checkpoint in Aztec New Mexico so it was dark when we arrived and we had trouble finding our room which gave credence to the name Purgatory.
It turned out to be a Condo and because Gord booked it we gave him the king size bed in the bedroom, I took the pullout sofa in the living room and Nowell slept on the couch cushions in the dining room. Hey whatever works. The next morning we headed out. Cold through the mountains as we were at high elevation. Beautiful scenery. Went to the lovely little town of Ouray and were thinking of stopping for lunch but it was so busy with tourists decided to forego and headed north. Stopped in Montrose as did a few others on the ride. Great little restaurant. Then we headed for the Harley dealer in Green River Wyoming. We traveled through the Flaming Gorge which is a really beautiful ride that I have done before several times. Checked in at the checkpoint and then continued on to Rock Springs. It started to rain so we found a motel. La Quinta. Kind of tight as we put a cot in. As I explained to the clerk 3 adults and none of us sleep together.... Once we got a room we went to Appleby's close by for supper and while we were there enjoyed this gorgeous double rainbow.
The La Quinta was looong. From the reception to our room was this hallway.
That is Gord part way down. And our room was at the far end. That is not a mirror, this hall went on forever.
The next morning it was still cool and damp and the road was straight and nothing for miles. We headed for West Yellowstone and stopped at a Denny's for a bite to eat. It was so busy we ended up hopping into a fast food place next door. So far not to bad but as we headed north it started to rain. It was cold and wet and I had not put that extra spray of wet proof on my boots. We stopped at Wheat Montana west of Bozeman and after nourishment and a little bit of heat headed towards Helena.
The checkpoint closed at 7:00 and we arrived at 10 minutes to. I had texted my friend Annie who was manning the checkpoint and said hold on I am coming. She texted back..I wonder how many men have heard that line? The motel was full because everyone who was going to go on didn't so Annie insisted we stay at their place. It is several miles north of Helena and would have been great had the rain stopped and we had to go back and then west. We went for breakfast at Denny's in Helena and headed west over MacDonald Pass. When we stopped in Seeley Lake for fuel. I actually changed my socks. My feet were very cold and wet. The rain lightened up as we headed north but it was still drizzling and cold. We crossed at Rooseville and with the holiday traffic it was quite an ordeal. 
We made it. Nowell , myself and Gord. Here we are with our belt buckles. I did not want to get back on the bike. Nowell had a place downtown and Gord had a place somewhere up the hill. I found out they still had rooms and paid $149.00. I ended up having to go a few blocks and ride into the underground parking and then found out I did not have a room. I had a condo. Kind of lonely kicking around all by myself but I even got my laundry done and managed to slip in a little hot tub time with Miles.

Had dinner at Montanas in the hotel. These 2 were some of the organizers of the 3 Flags. Rodney Chew was the chair. The next day we had a gorgeous breakfast put on for us and that evening a great banquet.

My room was the windows on the second floor next to the balconys. Just gorgeous and this was my view.
Next trip is to Quincy California and back. Hopefully I get at it soon.

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