Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Long time but I am back

Wow I have not posted here on my blog for a year. But a lot has changed and a lot has happened and then I could not get in to my account and do anything, But with perserverance  I figured it out. Now lets see where I left off and try to cover the year I missed. After returning from the 3 Flags Classic I turned around and rode to Quincy California to the BMW rally there. It was a very exciting trip. The first day I rode to Missoula and stayed with Art and Betty. Always a welcome and lovely stop at the beginning of a journey. Then wanting to make some miles I headed west and south over Lolo pass and into John Day Oregon , Down to Lakeside Oregon where I should have stayed but no I forged on to Alturas California. Went to the Super 8. No rooms. Campground? went to an abandoned campground where the deer watched me put up my tent and the good lord looked over me through the night. The next morning cold and tired I forged on looking for a hot cup of coffee but alas did not find one til Quincy. I had breakfast at my favorite restaurant and then went to fairgrounds where I put up my tent amongst a great group of friends. Once again the rally coincided with the stock car races and once again we were entertained. Wonderful.
By this time my hip was giving me grief. I did not leave the bike in California as the air fare was to high. So I rode it home again. Staying in John Day the first night and then Cranbrook the second night.
November 5 a few of us took a ride to Wayne Alberta. It was a beautiful day to finish off the season.

Last chance saloon was busy but we had a beautiful day.
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